Audi Adaptive Cruise Control wins Autoblog’s Technology of the Year

Adaptive Cruise Control isn’t really anything new. It’s been around for about a decade or so, to be honest, with radar-based cruise control being available in most luxury vehicles for what seems like ages now. But Audi’s new Adaptive Cruise Control is an impressive new take on the technology and it’s just won Autoblog’s Technology of the Year.

What Audi’s done different with its Adaptive Cruise Control is that it uses the navigation system¬†to understand actually where it is. So not only does it follow the car in front of it and keep a safe distance, but it understands where corners and bends are. Because of that, it will actually slow down for you to take a turn, so you don’t have to touch the pedals. Clever stuff. It will also match its speed to speed limit signs, so if it notices a speed limit that’s lower than the speed it’s going, the car will automatically slow down to match that speed.

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Audi Q7 Virtual Cockpit

Audi’s new Adaptive Cruise Control beat out some very impressive technologies to win Autoblog’s Tech of the Year. Jaguar’s Activity Key, which is a sort of waterproof keyfob smart watch that users can wear and leave the real key in the car when they go to the beach or something and don’t want to ruin the real key, was also in contention. Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror was also in consideration.

This new version of cruise control is available on the new Audi A4 and the Audi Q7 but will soon be available on the S4, A5/S5 and upcoming Q5.

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