Audi ABT Schaeffler and Lucas di Grassi maintain Formula E title chances

After yesterday’s intense Formula E race in Brooklyn, New York, both Audi ABT Schaeffler and Lucas di Grassi maintain their chances to claim this season’s championship titles during today’s race. Going into yesterday, the Audi ABT Schaeffler team was in second place, behind team DS Techeetah, in terms of points for the Team Championship. While Audi driver Lucas di Grassi was also second, behind DS-driver Jean-Eric Vergne. The team in the lead is DS Techeetah but both of their cars were lost to crashes during yesterday’s race, netting them zero points.

Though, Audi’s team failed to fully capitalize on that opportunity by only placing fifth and sixth. So both Audi ABT Schaeffler and Lucas di Grassi are firmly in second place with a chance to take the lead today. At the moment, Team Audi ABT Schaeffler (173 pts)  trails DS Techeetah (216 pts) and di Grassi (98 pts) is behind Jean-Eric Vergne (130 pts).

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Formula E Audi ABT Schaeffler
Audi e-tron FE05 #11 (Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler), Lucas di Grassi
Audi e-tron FE05 #66 (Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler), Daniel Abt *** Local Caption *** Formula E, New York E-Prix 2019

“It’s not often that I’m speechless, but I am today,” said team principal Allan McNish yesterday. “There was so much going on in this race. We could never be sure if it would turn out well for us or not. While DS Techeetah lost both cars in accidents, our two guys put in strong drives. This means that we’re still in the fight for the title and we’re feeling full of energy for tomorrow’s finale.”

“My car was badly damaged in collisions in front of and behind me right after the start and driving was incredibly difficult thereafter,” said di Grassi. “In spite of this, I finished the race and the championship is still wide open. We’ll fight again tomorrow and do our very best.”

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Formula E Audi ABT Schaeffler
Daniel Abt, Hildegard Wortmann, Bram Schot

“I’m obviously a little disappointed, because I could have finished on the podium today,” said Daniel Abt. “Everything ran perfectly until the safety car came out. The whole mess began when Alexander Sims pushed me wide and then Mitch Evans hit me quite hard. It was a little like bumper cars out there today, but we now know that we’re very fast here. We’ll focus on our strong points and attack again tomorrow.”

The final race of this Formula E season is later today (7/14) in Brooklyn and it’s the last chance for Team ABT Schaeffler and Lucas di Grassi to take both championships. They’re both still within grasp and both the team and di Grassi seem up to the challenge.

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