Audi A8 wins World Luxury Car of the Year

At this year’s 2018 New York Auto Show, the World Cars of the Year were on display along with all of the rest of the big debuts. One of those award winners is the brand-new Audi A8, which won the World Luxury Car of the Year.

“This award is a special honor for us and our flagship,” explained Peter Mertens, Board Member for Development at AUDI AG. “The new Audi A8 is an innovation driver for our entire industry. It sets new standards in automotive engineering with its innovative touch control system, consistent, broad electrification and the technical conditions for conditional automated driving.”

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We saw the Audi A8 at the New York Auto Show and played around with it. After seeing it in person and being inside, we can honestly say that we’re not surprised that it won this award. The cabin of the A8 is, quite honestly, fantastic. The leather is sumptuous, the design is slick and the technology is top notch. Compared to its competitors, the A8 feels much more modern and high-tech. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is incredibly luxurious but it’s far more classic. While the BMW 7 Series is a bit more techy and clinical. The Audi A8 strikes a great balance between both, with a ton of tech but more warmth and luxury than the 7 Series.

We haven’t driven it yet but we’re very much looking forward to it. We’re very curious to try out its new trick suspension, its semi-autonomous functions and how luxurious it actually drives. We also want to give its new dual touchscreen MMI system a longer test, as we only had a few minutes to sample it in New York. Though, it did impress us in that short period of time, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up against more rigorous testing.

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