Audi A8 to use next-level Here navigation system

Awhile back, Audi joined forced with its typical German rivals, both Mercedes-Benz and BMW, to acquire Nokia’s HERE maps and navigation service. Now, Audi and HERE Technologies have been working to integrate their services in the new Audi A8.

This new mapping and navigation service will offer higher-definition graphics than anything seen on any Audi product before. That might seem hard to believe, considering the Google Maps-based system on modern Audis with Virtual Cockpit is really impressive. However, the new A8’s HERE-based system looks spectacular. It combines highly detailed 3D models of cities worldwide with correspondingly realistic representations of many buildings.

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The new system will also feature advanced real-time traffic information and the overall traffic picture of the entire area. It will even pay attention to traffic and evens that happen outside of the planned route, if it’s possible those events could potentially affect the route. Information is constantly being updated, both by HERE’s backend system and by the car itself. So it’s constantly getting the most up-to-date road information possible.

One of the more interesting aspects of this new system is that it allows for the driver to make his/her own adjustments to the road. According to Audi, “If the driver discovers that a section of their route becomes blocked at short notice, they can obtain a local diversion directly and very easily. If they want to change the suggested route, they can enlarge the section in question on the display, then simply trace the new route with their finger and activate it.”

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It looks great and it will just add to the already impressive suite of technology that the Audi A8 will utilize. It already will get Level 3 autonomy, which is more advanced than any other car in the world. Now, it gets a fully high-def, 3D mapping system that provides the driver with the most advanced live information in any car on the road.

Nico DeMattia

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