Audi A8 really turning Japanese? I really think so.

Surprise! The new A8 is actually a Japanese luxury sedan made by Mitsubishi. Well not really, but this car was spied with an inverted Mitsubishi emblem and some light body cladding driving along the road in the Southwest.


So, no this isn’t a new Mitsu but it is in fact the brand new Audi A8. We’re very confident that you’re seeing the final stages of the D4 A8 platform before the new A8 debuts in the next few months. Obviously, the 3-diamond symbol is meant to throw people off but the addition of an inverted shield is meant to throw people off from the now standard Audi styling cue of the large “shield” shape dominating the nose.

Further indicators that this is indeed the biggest Audi sedan are found at the rear of the car. From these shots, the tail lamps and trunk bear heavy resemblance to the B8 A4. a larger version of the A4’s tail lamps as well as the cut and crease lines of the bumpers can be found on this car while it maintains a belt line similar to that of the A5/A7 along the side. As we’ve noted in other posts, its expected that the A8 will be officially unveiled at Frankfurt this fall and it can be expected to carry a modified V10 similar to the twin-turbo V10 found in the C6 RS6.

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(Source: VW Vortex via World Car Fans)