Audi A8 is one of Autocar’s Game Changers

And the Audi A8 is on the brink of its official release in the US, so it’s fitting that it’s just won the Game Changer award from Autocar. The Autocar Awards are the most prestigious awards in the automotive industry, spotlighting both the best cars and people in the industry. So it’s an impressive award for the A8, especially considering how good the other cars in its segment are.

This is the second award the A8 has received in a few months, as it recently won the “World Luxury Car of the Year” award. Most of the reason for this Autocar award has to do with the A8’s self-driving tech. As the world’s first-ever production Level 3 autonomous car, the Audi A8 is a bit of a ground-breaker. “Autonomous cars are a source of constant debate and discussion, but one car maker has already developed ‘eyes off and hands off’ autonomous technology to production maturity and has it on sale. That car is the Audi A8.”

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That sort of tech is not the kind of thing that typically drives car enthusiasts wild but it’s such an important new part of the auto industry that such an accomplishment must be rewarded.

“It is the first production car capable of Level 3 self-driving and can cruise unsupervised in congested motorway traffic at speeds of up to 37mph. It’s a true pioneer in a pioneering class.” While many countries’ laws and regulations have not yet allowed for such tech to be on their roads, that hasn’t stopped Audi from developing it.

That’s not the only great thing about the A8, though. It’s an incredibly luxurious car that uses some of the most impressive tech in the business to deliver that luxury. But despite that technological complexity, “Audi has delivered a car that’s intuitive to use and undemanding to drive, despite its enormous complexity and size.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Audi A8 and test its luxury, its new touchscreen-based MMI system and to see if it can handle with the sort of capabilities that we’ve come to expect from Audi’s flagship car. Until then, though, we’ll take Autocar’s word for it that it’s a good car.

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