Audi A8 in Velvet Purple is worthy of being Prince’s car

Who doesn’t love a good Exclusive color? As part of Audi’s Exclusive program, customers have the ability to get their cars painted in extremely rare and special colors. They’ll have to pay for it, obviously, but it’s an available program nevertheless. We love a good Exclusive color and feel that, if you’re getting a special car like an R8 or RS5 and can afford it, you should look into one. This Velvet Purple Audi A8 is a prime example of why.

This Audi A8 is worthy of being Prince’s (RIP) car, if he was still alive. It’s an awesome shade of metallic purple, being bright and exciting in direct sunlight but looking almost black in the shade. It also looks really good on an Audi A8, a car that’s classy and luxurious. The A8 is also quite understated and calm, making a flashier color like this look even more special.

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Seen here at the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm, the Audi A8 sits outside in the sunlight looking good. We don’t know what spec A8 it is, as Audi provided no information on its Facebook page, but it looks great. The chrome trim and big, bright wheels really pop on the Velvet Purple paint. For a car like the Audi A8, I was always personally a fan of black and felt that black was the only color for a massive executive German car. Having said that, this is swaying my mind to purple.

Unfortunately, Audi doesn’t have anymore photos of this Velvet Purple A8. Though, we only need one to know it looks great. If you’re looking to buy an Audi A8, look into Audi’s Exclusive program and take some of its more interesting colors for a spin. You might end up with something as fascinating as this. Or just get black.

Nico DeMattia

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