Audi A8 Horch rendered to take on Mercedes-Maybach

A little while back, it was learned that Audi revived the Horch nameplate. Back in the Auto Union days, before Audi was what it is today, Horch was a very premium German brand and it’s a name that Audi still owns today. So when it was learned that the brand would be reviving the name, speculation started to swirl. The most likely scenario for this name revival is for the brand to make an Audi A8 Horch edition of sorts. So someone took to rendering one.

The idea is that Audi could make an ultra-premium version of the A8 sedan to take on the Mercedes-Maybach S600, which is itself an ultra-premium version of Mercedes’ S-Class. While not an entirely new model, it is more premium and more expensive than a standard S-Class. The same could work for an Audi A8 Horch, which could steal some premium techniques and quality from Audi’s VW Group sibling Bentley.


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FIRST Audi-Horch Renders ?? ______________________________________ [6/11/19] As we await the arrival of the super luxurious Audi Horch A8 model that will rival the Maybach S-Class/Alpina/ top end Panamera’s and the Flying Spur, @audi.addicts and I have created renders of what we could be dealing with. On top is my render of what the A8 facelift SHOULD look like as the new A8 is rather bland looking like a slab of car on wheels. @audi.addicts addicts has gone the more luxurious approach with a duo tone paint scheme, big luxury wheels and more chrome! ? @Allcarnews Spec Sheet: The A8 currently can be he with a monster TwinTurbo 6.0L W12 making 585HP and 627 lb-ft of torque which is all tuned for luxury and now necessarily performance. Some also are saying this new model could even be all electric in the far future.? The Horch name goes back to models that haven been scene for nearly 80 years. The Horch company and Audi were both founded by August Horch which merged the two in 1932 to form Auto Union which formed four brands later becoming Audi in 1965 with the four rings representing those four companies. If this A8 “Horch” wants to keep up with the Maybach line it going to have to battle leather quilted stitched rear pillows, a big TT AMG sourced V12 and that S class Maybach name! The A8 already is a tech filled masterpiece with stunning interior LED lights, a crazy active suspension, automated driving and more! This should be interesting. ________________________________________ ACN EXTRA: A super luxury Audi, let’s hope they don’t make it boring! ________________________________________ -Renders by @allcarnews and @audi.addicts -Text Copyright: @allcarnews #Audi #W12 #A8 #Horch #A8L #german #V8 #VW #SClass #Maybach #sedan #carbon ||#powerful #performance #turbocharged #supercharged #advanced #SupercarsRevamped #Supercar #HyperCar #ItsWhiteNoise #CarLifeStyle #France #CupGang #Carstagram #BlackList #AmazingCars247 An #allcarnews post

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In this render from AllCarNews’ Instagram, we see an Audi A8 Horch that sports a two-tone paint job and snazzy high-spoke wheels. Both of which are very similar to the Mercedes-Maybach S600, so it’s clear where this render’s inspiration  came from. It also gets a fancier looking “H” badge, to signal Horch, which is also similar to the Mercedes-Maybach, which has the Maybach logo rather than a Mercedes three-pointed star.

To be honest, we like this idea. We hope that an Audi A8 Horch does end up becoming a reality, as it would allow Audi to really flex its luxury-muscles. It would also just be a fun and exciting car to see, as it would not only be an uber-luxurious Audi but it would be the revival of a brand that hasn’t been seen in more than half a century. We’re not sure it will come to be but we sure hope so.

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