Audi A8 featured in last week’s Top Gear

If you’ve ever watched Top Gear, the world’s most famous motoring show, you’d know that they often times feature a race between a car and two other things that aren’t cars, such as trains, a boat or a motorcycle. This sort of challenge has been a Top Gear staple for years now. In the most recent episode of Top Gear, we see another version of this race, where three of the presenters, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and Sabine Schmitz race former pro racing driver Eddie Jordan who’s on a luxurious train, from London to a hotel in Venice, Italy.

For their vehicles, LeBlanc is inexplicably driving a motorcycle, Evans has an old Jag XJ and Schmitz, being the good German that she is, is driving a second-gen D3 Audi A8.

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Personally, the D3 favorite looking generation of the Audi A8. It just looks so sleek and sophisticated while also being quite understated. It’s calm and sedate but also powerful and luxurious. It’s just such a good looking car. The model Sabine drove is the 2.8 liter V6 model with Quattro all-wheel drive and all of the goodies, such as heated seats and sat-nav. It’s a great car to munch miles in and that’s exactly what she used it to do.



The only issue she faced was its price. Because each of the presenters were given a budget to buy their cars and all of the necessary costs of getting to Venice, including tolls, boat taxis and gas, the presenters were supposed to choose their cars accordingly. Well Sabine spent almost all of her allotted money on the Audi A8, so she had to be very cautious with its fuel. She also basically ran out of money with the last toll, so she couldn’t afford the boat taxi in Venice to get to the hotel that they were racing to. So she had to run.

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Because Sabine was running, like a champ by the way, she ended up losing and coming in second place. However, none of her driving presenters came in first. It was the train-riding, passenger-annoying Eddie Jordan. So Sabine, even though she had to leg the last part of the journey, still beat Chris and Matt to the hotel. In fact, Matt was so far behind, he didn’t even finish. Just goes to show, don’t mess with the Queen of the Nurburgring in any sort of car race. Especially if she’s in a fast Audi.

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