Audi A7 Sportback With RS7 Body Kit Looks Convincing

While we generally don’t like cars trying to pass off as something they’re not, this one is a commendable effort on the owner’s part. It started off in life as a much more humble first-gen Audi A7 Sportback before being turned into an RS7 lookalike courtesy of a full body kit. As the saying goes: “fake it till you make it.” Until he’ll actually be able to afford a real RS7, this one should suffice.

The body kit is convincing up to the point you can hardly tell it’s not a legitimate RS7. It even has the Quattro lettering on the front fascia and the oval exhaust tips at the back, showing impressive attention to detail. The easiest way to figure out we’re dealing with a regular A7 is by looking at the front brakes as they’re not nearly as large as those of the performance version, nor are the rotors drilled.

The Sportback reveals its true identity furthermore once you step inside the cabin and you’ll notice the tachometer only goes up to 6,000 rpm. That’s right – this is a diesel. That being said, the software has been updated to show the “RS7” logo on the driver’s display, and you’ll also find the badge on the steering wheel. Carbon fiber accents on the center console and around the interior door handles are a nice touch, too.

Details about who owns the car are not available, but with the not-an-RS7 carrying Bulgarian license plates and being filmed by Audi Power on YouTube at the Burgas Passenger Terminal, the car is located in Europe’s sixteenth-largest country. There are other modifications the car could go through to better mimic its hotter cousin, including a flat-bottomed steering wheel and the body-hugging seats of the real RS7.

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At the end of the day, this is still a TDI-powered A7 Sportback for those who are familiar with Audis. People who are not necessarily into cars will be likely convinced it’s an RS7 by the aggressive body and RS badges.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.