Audi A7 teased again in new Facebook video

Tomorrow, Oct 19, the second-generation Audi A7 will finally be making its worldwide debut. Having recently seen the brand-new Audi A8 and the new design language it brings, we’re excited to see the new A7, as the first-gen has been one of Audi’s best looking cars since its inception. In this new video from Audi’s Facebook page, we get to see a few glimpses of the A7 and some of the interesting features it will bring.

First, we see a shadowy image of its silhouette which, to be honest, isn’t much different than the car it replaces. Though, that’s a good thing. The current-gen A7 is great looking and the second-gen should keep its predecessor’s curves. It will still have the swooping roofline and liftback tailgate. So it will be as practical as it is pretty.

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Next, we see some of its interior, such as a glimpse of its center stack and shift lever. The former seems very high-tech and looks like it could have some of the same tech in the new A8. While there seems to be a few more physical buttons than in the A8, it looks like it could have a similar layout, with low screens angled upward toward the driver. There’s also a shot of the dash trim, which looks a bit different than we’ve seen before, with quite a bit of metal trim.

These shots are followed by flashing shots of headlights and some exterior details, such as a front air intake and the side mirror. But the most intriguing part in the short video happens when we get to see the taillights in action.

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The Audi A7 will have the brand’s Matrix OLED taillights at least as an option and we get a glimpse of how they work in this video. The taillights seem to have an integrated light bar that spans the length of the rear end. It pulses from the center outward toward the edge of the rear, where it then moves up into the OLED taillights and pulses backward toward the center of the rear. It’s one smooth motion that looks really quite good. It’s like a little dance of light. The turn signals will also have a similar pulse action to them.

After the little light show, we see the shoulder line that accentuates the rear haunches of the car. It’s really quite similar to the shoulder line on the Audi A5 Sportback, though that’s not surprising. We also get to see the heavily creased hood that also seems similar to the one on the A5 Sportback.

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Well see the Audi A7, officially, tomorrow but these teasers are getting us very excited for what’s to come. Check this latest video out for a glimpse at the A7 before it debuts tomorrow.

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