Watch A First-Gen Audi A7 Sportback Get Stuck In Water

Amphibious cars have been around for quite a while, but an Audi A7 isn’t one of them. The owner of a first-generation Sportback learned that the hard way by attempting to navigate through a flooded underpass. It happened earlier this week in Hungary and although that section of the road was actually closed, the driver went ahead and tried his luck anyway.

His efforts were all in vain as the A7 Sportback barely advanced a few feet. It doesn’t really matter if the car had Quattro or not because all-wheel drive can’t really help you in such a tricky situation. Yes, the original A7 was available in some parts of the world – including Europe – with a FWD layout. The car’s front end dived into the water, causing what surely are some expensive damages to whatever engine was under the hood.

It then started to float around and came to a halt after the A7’s derrière hit one of the side walls. While details about what happened to the car after its impromptu swimming lesson are not available, we do know it wasn’t the only one. Local reports claim several other drivers attempted to cross the underpass, including a BMW that had to be taken out by the firefighters. The underpass got flooded because of drainage issues, according to Hungary’s Index.

We’ve seen this type of video dozens of times and it always ends up this way. Nothing good can come out of trying to test the underwater capabilities of your car, especially if it rides so low to the ground like it’s the case with the A7. You might have a better shot with SUVs featuring a jacked-up suspension like a Mercedes G-Class or a Land Rover Defender, but why risk it?

We certainly wouldn’t want to be in this guy’s shoes as he’s probably looking at thousands of dollars’ worth of repair bills to get the A7 back on the road.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.