Audi A7 in Java Green Metallic at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm

This new Audi A7 is a sharp looking car. It’s even better looking than the first-gen car in our opinion, something that genuinely surprised us. Such a good looking car deserves great colors. Yet every time we see an A7, it’s always painted in a boring and predictable color, like black, white or silver. Typical Audi customer colors. So it’s awesome to see one in a great color such as this Java Green Metallic.

Seen at the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm, this Audi A7 shows off what sort of great colors you can get if you choose from Audi’s Exclusive color palette. Wearing a very vibrant Java Green Metallic paint, this A7 looks great. It’s bright, vibrant and exciting, doing its design justice. It also shows off all of the A7’s sharp, crisp body lines really well.

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Under light, the metallic green paint really shines, becoming exotic looking, something befitting an Italian supercar. In the dark, though, it becomes deeper, less vibrant and looks great as well. So it’s a really great color that works well with the A7’s stunning good looks.

Inside this car, we can also see what Audi’s Exclusive program can do to customize interiors. The brown leather seats feature green piping to match the exterior paint color. It also gets a two-tone steering wheel and some unique wood trim. Personally, I’d leave the steering wheel but the rest of the cabin looks great.

This Audi A7 really shows off why customers should look into the brand’s Exclusive program. If you’re spending the considerable money on a car as expensive and good looking as the A7, why not go all out and make it really special? With the Exclusive program, you can have something truly unique that will separate your car from the sea of other Audis on the road. Such as this Java Green Metallic Audi A7.

Nico DeMattia

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