Audi A6 vs Genesis G80 — Kelly Blue Book test

If you want a smart, sensible, luxury sedan that’s also fun to drive and dripping with technology, it’s hard to pass up the new Audi A6. In fact, all of the big German luxury cars are excellent. However, there’s a bit of a monkey wrench in the Germans’ dominance these days and it comes from Korea — the Genesis G80. In this new comparison from Kelly Blue Book, we take a look a which is better; the G80 or A6.

First, let’s take a look at each car on paper. Both the Audi A6 and Genesis G80 are about the same size and have similar levels of interior luxury as standard. However, the G80 undercuts the A6’s price by quite a bit. While the Audi A6 starts life at $59,895, the Genesis G80 starts at $43,045. That’s a huge price difference and will be an important factor in the decision of many customers.

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At that price point, both cars come with V6 engines. The G80’s is a 3.8 liter naturally-aspirated V6 making 311 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. While the Audi A6 gets a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 that makes 335 hp and 369 lb-ft. Both cars get automatic gearboxes as-standard, with the Audi getting a seven-speed dual-clutch and the Genesis getting an eight-speed auto. The Audi A6 is Quattro all-wheel drive as-standard and the Genesis is rear-drive as-standard, with all-wheel drive available.

In terms of handling, the Audi A6 is said to be the better driving car, especially in corners. It’s also the better car to sit in, as its interior is the tops, with better technology and better materials. It should, though, for its extra cost.

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The Genesis G80 is still a very good car, though. It’s just not as good as the Audi A6 to drive, look at or sit in. Still, it’s quite a bit cheaper and still very good. So if you’re looking for a budget Audi A6, take a look at the Genesis. But if you’re just looking for the best luxury sedan in the segment, the Audi A6 is still king.

[Source: KBB]
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