Audi A6 e-tron Rendered Looking Hot

Audi is flat-out killing it with its concept designs. Over the past few years, the four-ringed brand has put out stunner after stunner and, shockingly, the production cars that follow all look nearly identical to their supermodel concept counterparts. If that trend continues, the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron production car might look a lot like this new render from Motor.es.


This new render combines the design of the A6 e-tron Concept with what we’ve all seen from recent spy photos of the production car and it looks like it should be pretty accurate. Up front, we get the split headlight design, which is incorporated into the front air intakes and looks quite good. The Singleframe “grille” features a fun hockey stick motif, and the front air intakes themselves look sporty and aggressive. Why does an electric car need air intakes? To cool the battery pack and, potentially, brakes.

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The rest of the car is sleek, seductive, and subtly muscular. It’s a lovely looking car and would immediately be the best looking EV sport sedan on the planet, with the possible exception of the e-tron GT. There’s a whiff of Mercedes-Benz EQS to its shape, for aerodynamics, but it’s not as jelly bean-like as that car.


As gorgeous as the sedan is, though, we can’t wait for the wagon. The Audi A6 e-tron Avant is going to be a killer looking car when it eventually debuts, if the concept is anything to go by (and recent Audi concepts have proven it should be).

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There’s also word of an Audi RS6 e-tron Avant in the works, with Audi’s chief technical boss Oliver Hoffman practically confirming higher performance models recently. That will be the absolute pinnacle of Audi’s electric performance car range, as it will offer all of the EV performance we’ve come to love from cars like the RS e-tron GT but in a gorgeous, wagon body style.


[Source: Motor.es]
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