Audi A6 and A7 are Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalists

The team at Motor Trend is currently trying to figure out which new car to debut in America this year is their Car of the Year. While the winner hasn’t been chosen just yet, Audi has a decent shot to snag the title, as it has two cars in the running — the Audi A6 and A7.

It seems as if Motor Trend likes both cars but it’s the cheaper, simpler Audi A6 that seems like the more loved car. According to MT, the Audi A6 is a car whose excellence sneaks up on you. We haven’t driven the A6 yet but that seems to be an accurate way to describe the A6. With its understated looks, that some MT staffers felt were too bland but other felt were elegant and sophisticated, impressive interior and dynamic handling, the A6 won over a lot of staffers.

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“This is really what a luxury car should feel like,” Motor Trend’s Mark Rechtin said. “Modern, forward thinking, plush, yet restrained.”

Inside the Audi A6, you’re met with a lovely blend of rich leather, matte wood trim and tons of technology. “Breathtakingly clean and elegant,” said MT’s Angus MacKenzie.

But it isn’t just a pretty luxo-barge. The A6 can handle well, too. “It rides the big curves like a bobsled on a steel track. The transitions from one corner to the next are wonderfully precise.” wrote MT’s Alisa Priddle.

What of the Audi A7, though? Well, it’s good looking and still boasts a great interior but it’s not any different from the A6 on the inside, is less exciting to drive and more expensive.

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Still, the A7 is great at what it does, said MacKenzie. “Despite all the semantic arguments, the four-door coupe is a thing, and the A7 is one of the best of the breed,” he said. “A class act.”

Are either of these two cars good enough to win the Motor Trend COTY award? If we had to choose which had the best chance to winning, we’d say the Audi A6. It’s the better overall package, yet still awesome and exciting to drive.

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