Audi A6 Allroad named 2020 IIHS Top Safety Pick+

For Audi enthusiasts, Allroad models can be easy punching bags. They’re not as good looking as Avant models, nor do they handle as well due to their higher ride height. However, they’re still essentially Audi Avants and they’re the closest we’re going to get here in America. So we might as well appreciate them for what they are. Especially when you consider how good of family vehicles they are. For instance, the Audi A6 Allroad was just named a 2020 IIHS Top Safety Pick+.


The current-gen Audi A6 is a great car; one that’s comfortable, good looking, fun to drive and very high-tech. Admittedly, it’s facing a few reliability issues at the moment but Audi might sort that out soon. Hopefully. However, at least A6 owners will know that their car is safe.

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As for the Audi A6 Allroad specifically, it received “Good” marks in six different categories;¬†small front overlap collision evaluations on both the driver and passenger sides, moderate front overlap, side impact, roof strength and head restraints and seat performance.


Where the A6 Allroad excelled even further was in its safety systems. Audi’s Pre-Sense technology gave the A6 Allroad a “Superior” grade in both the front collision warning and automatic emergency braking tests. Not only does Pre-Sense keep its occupants safe but also pedestrians, as it can sense both people and cyclists in its path at speeds up to 52 mph.

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It’s not just the Audi A6 Allroad that received these top marks, though. The standard A6 sedan is also a Top Safety Pick+, as are the Audi A7 and Q8. So if you’re buying a new Audi model, chances are it’s one of the safest cars in its class and that now includes the A6 Allroad. So it might look like a bit of a pseudo off-roader but, in reality, it’s a safe, luxurious and comfortable family hauler that we should appreciate.

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