Audi A6 And A8 Recalled In India Over Different Potential Problems

Although many would argue a small recall is insignificant up to the point it’s not newsworthy, try putting yourself in the shoes of those affected by the recall campaign. It’s a problem 186 owners of the A6 are having in India where a further 21 units of the flagship A8 are being recalled. The luxury sedans are being recalled for different reasons.

In the case of the A8, Audi India (via Financial Express) explains “vehicles manufactured within a specific period it is possible that gear oil might escape from the welded joint on the gear oil line. In individual cases, this may cause the oil line to break and gear oil to escape.”

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As far as the smaller A6 is concerned, “vehicles manufactured within a specific period, it might be possible that moisture may enter the belt-driven starter-alternator.” In a worst-case scenario, chemical reactions could lead to overheating, thus ultimately posing a fire hazard. It’s more likely to happen to a car that hasn’t been driven for a while. To fix the potential risk, Audi will replace the starter-alternator.

The good news is neither A6 nor A8 owners have experienced these issues at the moment of writing.  Audi dealers will fix the cars on the same day as the appointment, free of charge. Due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing everyone to take social-distancing measures, appointments will be made through phone calls, e-mails or text messages rather than having to head down to your local Audi dealership.

The company’s Indian lineup is pretty limited for the time being as besides the aforementioned A6 and A8 L, only the Q8 is also available in the world’s second-most populous country. Additional models are on the way, including the RS7 listed as “coming soon” for which the Four Rings are already accepting pre-orders.

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