Audi A6 and A7 get new look and equipment to stay fresh

The current generation Audi A6 is due for a replacement in a couple of years but that hasn’t stopped Audi from refreshing its face a bit and making it looks a bit more fresh. Same goes for the Audi A7, whose gorgeous looks are becoming a bit stale as the competition catches up. So Audi has done a mild refresh on both cars, giving them both a new face and some new equipment. Nothing too dramatic has changed, as this is just a mid-cycle refresh sort of thing, but it’s enough to give both cars some much needed flair to keep them relevant as new competition debuts.

New contours surrounding the front air inlets which now house horizontal black struts that divide the lateral ventilation grilles in them, more angular side sills and rear bumper as well as a new rear diffuser give the A6 a slightly fresher look. If equipped with the S-Line package, new radiator grille with a corpus painted matt black with black chrome slats is added, as well as crome struts to accentuate the side air inlets. This is done to both the Audi A6 and A7.

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Audi A6

Two new colors will also be added to both cars, a Matador Red and Gotland Green. The latter will also be available on the S6 and S7. Both the A6 and A7 will be getting another color as well, but it’s one already in the Audi lineup, as the Java Brown color exclusive to the Audi Allroad will make its way to them as well. On top of the new colors, both cars will be getting two new wheel options.

On the inside, both the Audi A6 and A7, as well as their S model counterparts, will be getting added LED interior lighting and LED lighting in the luggage compartments. There will also be two new trim inlays available, a Aluminum Ellipse Silver and a Fine Grain Birch Natural Agate Grey. The Audi A6 Allroad will also get Aluminum Bronze trim as an option.

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On top of the aesthetics, these new cars will also get a suite of new technology, including added connectivity and new entertainment options. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will now be available on the A6 and A7, as well as wireless inductive charging for compatible mobile devices and the option for two rear Audi tablets that can be used both in or out of the car.

Audi A6

Overall, this isn’t a huge update, but it’s enough to keep the Audi A6 and A7 from getting stale as new competitors come out. Mercedes-Benz just launched its new E Class sedan and it’s already making headlines. BMW is working on its new 5 Series for next year and Jaguar recently came out with its new XF that is stealing the show with its gorgeous looks. So Audi needs to keep its A6 and A7 relevant and these new updates should help do just that.

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