2020 Audi A5 Coupe 40 TDI Pushed Hard In Acceleration Test

Nearly three years after Audi introduced its rather confusing double-digit naming scheme, we’re still trying to understand the logic behind it. As a reminder, the cars are grouped together on a scale the starts at 30 and goes all the way up to 70, based on the amount of power delivered by the engine. In case you don’t remember how the system works, here it is:

    • 30 for models with between 81 and 96 kW (107 and 127 hp)
    • 35 for models with between 110 and 120 kW (145 and 159 hp)
    • 40 for models with between 125 and 150 kW (165 and 198 hp)
    • 45 for models with between 169 and 185 kW (223 and 244 hp)
    • 50 for models with between 210 and 230 kW (278 and 304 hp)
    • 60 for models with between 320 and 340 kW (423 and 449 hp)
    • 70 for models with more than 400 kW (529 hp)

The A5 Coupe featured in this model is a 40 TDI model because its turbodiesel 2.0-liter engine produces 190 hp. The folks over at AutoCentrum.pl wanted to find out how the stylish coupe would fare in an acceleration test, so they got to work. Using a Qstarz measurement device to grab all the juicy numbers, the car was clocked in at 7.62 seconds for the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint. That’s actually slightly better than the 7.7 seconds Audi says the A5 Coupe 40 TDI needs to complete the task.

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Although not shown on camera, AutoCentrum.pl says they put the A5 Coupe through its paces in a test from 50 to 75 mph (80 to 120 km/h). That’s actually more relevant in the real world than the previous acceleration test since many overtakes are done within this speed interval. With about 20 liters of fuel in the tank and the driver weighing 83 kilograms (183 km/h), the car did the run in a decent 5.9 seconds.

If you’re thinking it’s a bit slow, Audi is selling two more potent diesel versions (45 TDI and 50 TDI), not to mention the S5 available in Europe exclusively with a diesel engine.

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