Audi A5 to come to US this Spring, could face tough competition

If you’re an Audi enthusiast in Europe, you’ve probably spotted quite a few Audi A5s, and their S5 counterparts, driving around or even driven one yourself. It’s been on sale in Europe for awhile now but hasn’t yet reached North American shores. However, the US market should be getting the new Audi A5 this coming Spring.

Pricing hasn’t been announced just yet but expect it to start around $40,000, which would put it in line with the BMW 4 Series and Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe. It would also be a hefty step up from the Audi A4’s $34,900 stating price. But that’s to be expected, to be honest.

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Audi A5 Coupé

According to Forbes, though, the Audi A5 could face some stiff competition when it finally arrives and lack the sort of sales figures Audi is hoping for. While the first-generation A5 sold very well, the second-gen isn’t expected to sell nearly as well. The first A5 was radically different from anything else that was already on the market and was the first of its kind, so people flocked to it. This second-gen model isn’t much of a departure from the styling of its predecessor, so fans won’t be nearly as excited.

While we haven’t yet driven the new A5, we have driven the new A4 and it’s significantly better than the previous B8 Audi A4 it replaces. It’s night and day, in fact, with the new B9-gen A4 being lightyears ahead of the old car. So we expect the new A5 to be much better than the outgoing A5, especially being that we drove the old A5 a little while back and its charms have started to fade over time. But that likely won’t matter, because buyers in this market aren’t exactly into driving dynamics.

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Audi A5 Coupé

Buyers want new, fresh looks to show off to their neighbors. And even though the new A5 is a very handsome car, it’s far more of an evolution of the old car’s design, rather than revolution. So it’s possible it gets a bit of a lukewarm reception from buyers.

We’ll see this Spring.

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