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It’s no surprise that a large part of Audi’s clientele base is made up of business people. Typically, successful business people are the ones who have the money to afford high-end luxury cars. Many of these business-types travel quite a bit for work, so their schedules can be quite complicated. To assist with that, Audi has given the new Audi A4 some new technology to help make life easier for business travelers.

This tech is available on all new Audi models with the brand’s latest MMI system, such as the new A4 and Q7. Though a recent article from Forbes outlines just how useful some of this technology can be for people who travel a lot for business.

Audi A4

For $2,400, Audi offers the MMI Navigation Plus package on the Audi A4 Premium 2.0 TFSI Quattro S-Tronic, which was the car tested in the article from Forbes. With that package comes Audi’s Connect CARE as well as the Audi Connect PRIM & PLUS membership. While these require subscriptions, they are free for the first six-months of ownership. However, for someone who does a lot of business, has a lot of meetings and travels a lot, it’s worth the subscription.

Let’s say you have a meeting that’s been scheduled into your smart phone. Once the phone connects to the A4’s MMI system, it will automatically put that meeting’s destination into the navigation system and can even reroute to a faster route if you’re running late. It can do this for multiple appointments in order, so it’s almost like your personal automotive assistant. This can be pretty handy for someone who has a hectic schedule and might forget a meeting or be running late.

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Audi A4

It can also get your flight information from your smart phone as well. With this, it can display your flight time and information as well as route you to the airport. As well as getting you to the airport, it can find parking in nearby lots, give you spot availability information and parking costs.

There’s even a cool feature called Picturebook Navigation. So, let’s say you’re meeting clients for dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been to and don’t know where it is. Someone can take a picture of the sign on the restaurant and send it to your phone. If your smart phone is paired to the MMI system, it can find the restaurant based on the picture, using the power of the interwebs, and enter its address into the navigation system.

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Audi also offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which can both read out test messages and emails as well as allow you to respond via voice command. So this allows busy people to get some work done while stuck in traffic or let someone know if you’re running late. The MMI system can also read out your Twitter feed and give news updates, so long as you aren’t moving, so you can stay in touch with what’s going on.


Now, all these services aren’t cheap. After the first six months, Audi A4 owners must pay a monthly subscription for the Audi Connect services. They work very much like the data plan of a mobile phone. It costs $20 for 1 GB, $30 for 3 GB and $50 for 5 GB. Audi does offer monthly data bundles that are better deals, though. For a six-month, 5 GB data plan, Audi only charged $99 and $499 for a 30-month 30 GB plan.

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While that may sound like a lot of money, especially being that it’s on top of your mobile phone plan’s payment every month, it could be well worth the money for anyone with a busy schedule. For the Average Joe who would rarely use such systems, they can probably skip them and save the cash. However, for a busy business person, these technologies could make life a whole lot easier. And there isn’t really a price tag on that.

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