Audi A4 L debuts for Chinese market

In China, most customers value rear seat space over all else, more than luxury, more than technology and certainly more than performance. It’s the reason why China is the only market in the world that gets long wheelbase variants of the Audi A4. And Audi has just debuted its latest B9 generation variant of the Audi A4 L at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show.

The Audi A4 L is essentially a standard A4 with a, you guessed it, longer wheelbase which gives it a larger back seat. The new B9 generation Audi A4 L is four centimeters longer than the outgoing model, but also 110 kg lighter. Despite its extra length, though, it doesn’t look much different from the standard car. So it still packs the same new headlights, taillights and 3D grille. Matrix LED headlights with turn-signal indicators will be a first for the new A4 L.

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Audi A4 L (offer on the Chinese market)

On the inside, the cabin is still the same, which is to say very good. The B9 generation Audi A4’s interior is possibly the best in the business and this new A4 L should only be better, given its larger rear seat passenger space. With room in the back for adults to really stretch out, the A4 L becomes a genuine luxury car at its price point. However, it’s really nothing too special, as it’s just an A4 cabin with some more legroom.

As far as powetrain options go, the Chinese market-only Audi A4 L will only come with two engine options. Both will be 2.0 liter TFSI turbocharged engines, but the customer gets a choice of either 190 hp or 252 hp. For reference, the latter engine is the only engine we get in the ‘States. The only transmission choice is the seven-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch unit and it can power either just the front or all four wheels, the latter if the customer opts for Quattro.

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Audi A4 L (offer on the Chinese market)

The Audi A4 L goes on sale in China this summer and will feature a more comprehensive list of features, such as bi-xenon headlights and a 7-inch MMI display.

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