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Audi is set to unveil its latest A4 sedan and Avant models in the flesh at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Despite not looking like more than just refresh from the previous model, the upcoming B9 Audi A4 is all new. The body, chassis, engines, and as well as the host of new tech are entirely different for the 2016 model year. Well, Audi has just released some info on pricing for the upcoming BMW 3 Series fighter in the UK market, as deliveries for the UK start in November. The US market must wait until March, 2016 to get the new A4.

The Audi A4 will be available in three trims at launch, XE, Sport and S-Line. The A4 XE, the base model at launch, will start at £25,900 ($39,569). That’s a £1,500 discount in the UK, but a $4,000 increase for the US market, if pricing stays the same. The XE’s standard equipment list is quite large, however, coming with 17″ wheels, Xenon headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights, three-zone climate control and Audi’s MMI system with a 7″ dash-mounted screen as standard. As far as engines go, the XE will come equipped with a 1.4 liter TFSI four-cylinder engine, making 148 hp. This engine won’t be making it ‘Stateside, as the 2.0 liter TFSI engine will serve as the base model in the US. Options for the UK market have yet to be finalized and released, but Matrix LED headlights (not for the US), Apple’s CarPlay system and a new 3D surround sound system will be optional equipment, as will Audi’s latest Virtual Cockpit.

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2016 Audi A4

Unfortunately for us Yanks, the US market will not be getting the Avant verison of the A4, as we have to make do with the Allroad. However, for the UK market, the Avant will only cost £1,400 more than the sedan variant, making it a fantastic deal and putting the A4 ahead of cars lacking a wagon variant like the Jaguar XE, in terms of practicality. It’s a shame we won’t get the Avant version, as it looks spectacular and would be the choice of many enthusiasts, including myself.

Audi will also be debuting new autonomous Piloted Driving technology on the A4, a first for the segment. Traffic Jam Assist will pilot the car through slow-moving traffic, at speeds up to 40 mph. At speeds of 8 mph or less, the A4 will be able to take control of steering inputs as well, so long as you can put a hand on the steering wheel every 15 seconds. The Piloted Driving active cruise control will also be able to use the navigation system to increase or decrease speed, depending on the route, to maximize fuel economy. All of this will obviously be part of an optional package, and most of it will likely not make it across the Atlantic, but it’s still impressive as it’s the first car in the segment to do so. Auto Express tests this feature out a bit in a recent video.

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2016 Audi A4

The upcoming B9 Audi A4 is one of the more anticipated cars of the year, finally seeming good enough to be best-in-class. We all wait in anticipation of its release to see if Audi can put its money where its mouth is with the new A4. As far as pricing goes, the A4 remains very competitive and is able to offer a lot of kit for the money, while also offering options not yet available in its rivals. We’ll get our next good look at the upcoming Audi A4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 17th.

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