Audi A3 Spaceback rendered

The Audi A3 Spaceback has been digitally envisioned as a competitor for the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. There have been some rumors about a more family-oriented derivative of the A3 and it could happen in the near future taking into consideration Mercedes-Benz has the B-Class while BMW has not only the aforementioned 2-Series Active Tourer but also the slightly larger 2-Series Gran Tourer.

Moreover, Volkswagen is selling the Golf Sportsvan so it would make sense to launch a more premium version targeting higher end families will to pay more for a little bit of luxury. It’s not that hard to imagine how the Audi A3 Spaceback would look like as it would adopt a boxy shape with a taller roof to enable a spacious interior cabin.

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Audi A3 Spaceback
Audi A3 Spaceback render

Taking into account Audi has already announced plans to boost model lineup to 60 cars by the end of the decade, this would likely be a suitable candidate for a potential model. If the project will ever be green-lighted, chances are Audi will provide a sneak preview of the model through a concept that will be displayed at a major auto show and based on the feedback receive; they could decide to launch a production version.

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