VIDEO: Take an In-Depth Look at the Audi A3 Sedan with Autogefühl

One of the cars we’re most excited about is the upcoming Audi A3 Sedan. The A3 is a great entry-level Audi and one that can be a young enthusiast’s way into the brand. Also, the Sedan is the only version of the A3 we’re getting here in the ‘States, so we’re very interested in it (although, we would have preferred the Sportback model instead).


In this new video from Autogefühl, we take a look at the Audi A3 Sedan in great detail, which should help a lot of young American customers get a good look at the car they’ll be able to buy.


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What’s immediately noticeable in this video is just how big the new A3 looks. With Autogefühl host Thomas Majchrzak standing in front of it for reference, who is not a short man, the A3 looks A4-sized. It seems to have grown so much over the previous-gen car that it’s not really a compact sedan anymore. Though, maybe it’s just the angle or the design that makes it look so large.


More important than the exterior is the interior, though. This new Audi A3, regardless of which body style you choose, has an excellent looking cabin. But at its price point you wonder if the materials are up to snuff. According to this video, they seem to be. The front, especially, with its advanced new technology which puts it at the top of the segment.

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In terms of how it drives, the Audi A3 is a much calmer, more sophisticated sedan than the rest of its segment mates. Which is honestly to be expected, as Audi’s are typically smoother and calmer than their competitors. It might not be as sporty some something like the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe but it’s not too far off. Plus, the A3 is going to be the more high-tech, comfortable car of the two.


For young car enthusiasts that just got their first big job and want a new car to congratulate themselves, the Audi A3 just might be the car for them.

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