Audi A3 Sedan Render Shows Off North American Version

The all-new 2020 Audi A3 Sportback just made its internet reveal, in lieu of the cancelled Geneva Motor Show, showing off Europe’s newest premium hatchback. However, us North American enthusiasts could only look on with envy, as the A3 Sportback will never make it ‘Stateside. We will be getting an A3 model variant but it will come in the form of a four-door sedan, rather than a five-door hatch. In this new render, we see what such a 2020 Audi A3 Sedan might look like.


While just a render from a graphic artist, it’s likely that the production A3 Sedan looks a lot like this. Essentially, it’s an A3 Sportback from the B-pillar forward but has a sedan body style from that point rearward. I do like how the render features sharply flared rear wheel arches, which look sporty and give the car a muscular look.

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Out back, the Audi A3 Sedan gets the same taillights as its A3 Sportback sibling, just grafted onto a trunk instead of a tailgate. A little built-in spoiler looks good on its trunk and it gets similar rear air “vents” as the Sportback.


Photo Source: Kleber Silva

Overall, it looks like an A3 Sportback, just with a traditional trunk like, rather than a tailgate. It’s a handsome looking car and the design language seems to work just as well on a sedan body as it does on a hatchback. The Sportback is the better looking car, to be honest, but the Sedan doesn’t look too shabby.


Would we prefer to get the Sportback model in America? Of course, it’s the better looking car, while also the more practical car. However, if this is the Audi A3 Sedan we have to get, we’ll take it, as it’s a good looking car that will have a great interior, some impressive tech and, hopefully, better driving dynamics than the outgoing model.


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[Source: Kleber Silva]
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