Audi A3 Sedan outsold Mercedes CLA 2 to 1 in US

It turns out the Audi A3 Sedan is a very popular choice among entry-level luxury sedan buyers in United States as the model managed to outsell the Mercedes-Benz CLA two to one in its first three months on sale. It should be mentioned that sales of the CLA four-door coupe have actually gone down in the last several months which is a huge difference compared to 2013 when the CLA was actually Mercedes-Benz’s most successful new model in 20 years.

One of the reasons why the A3 Sedan has been doing so well in the United States has to do with a long string of positive reviews it has received along with a more generous list of standard equipment. Even on the base model you get nice goodies such as leather seats and a sunroof whereas the CLA doesn’t have a sunroof and comes only with faux leather seats.

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Last month in United States, the average price of an Audi A3 Sedan in United States was of $32,530 which is considerably lower than the CLA’s $38,571 price tag. Both the A3 Sedan and the CLA have a starting price of $29,900 and June was the A3 Sedan’s best month as Audi managed to deliver 2,452 units, almost double compared to the CLA’s performance in United States in the same month.

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