Audi A3 family to be expanded with new body styles?

A new report states the Audi A3 lineup is bound to grow in the years to come by the addition of new body styles. A new generation of the model is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2018 and is believed to encompass the following members: five-door Sportback, an allroad Sportback crossover, a four-seater (replacing the three-door A3) and perhaps even a compact MPV.

It will be quite tricky for the bosses at Ingolstadt to figure out just how many additional body styles they can add to the A3 family while still maintaining a good profit, but apparently these new models are on the horizon to further expand Audi’s ever-growing lineup. However, there is one model which will likely be phased out, the three-door A3, mostly because it hasn’t been doing that well in terms of sales. The aforementioned compact MPV could take the shape of a Mercedes-Benz B-Class competitor and is expected to be a China-only product riding on the Volkswagen Group’s versatile MQB platform.

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The report goes on to specify Audi plans more allroad-badged models and prime candidates include the A5 and the A7 while additional wagons and even sedans could get the rugged treatment in the years to come, thus expanding Audi’s portfolio even further.

Note: Audi A3 Spaceback render pictured.

Adrian Padeanu

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