Audi A3 facelift to receive virtual cockpit in 2016

A new report indicates the Audi A3 facelift will receive the fancy virtual cockpit form the A4, TT, R8 and Q7. Speaking to Australian publication Motoring, the man in charge of Audi’s electronics, Ricky Hudi, admitted the fully digital and customizable instrument cluster will be offered as optional equipment on the facelifted A3 which is due to go on sale sometime next year. He went on to specify that in the future there will only be a few models without the virtual cockpit as Audi wants to implement the technology across the range.

Ricky Hudi admits Audi is anticipating a lesser demand for the virtual cockpit in the A3 compared to the larger A4. He went on to specify it will cost around €400 and will eventually be available for the next generation A5 and Q5. Hudi says the technology is way ahead of what rival companies are offering and he referred to BMW by criticizing them of their lack for a virtual cockpit in the new 7-Series which is their flagship model.

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It should be mentioned that while in the A4, TT and Q7 the 12.3-inch virtual cockpit is offered as optional equipment, it comes as standard on the R8 supercar.

Adrian Padeanu

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