Audi A3 “Cityhopper” to be a taller, rugged city car

In tight, urban cities, such as Manhattan, London and Paris, customers really enjoy small, premium hatchbacks. The reasoning is that they still get the luxury they want from a premium brand but also a compact car that’s easy to park, easy to see out of and cheap to run. However, it’s hard not to appreciate the advantages of an SUV, even in the city, as their more rugged nature allows them to have a more commanding view of the road and be fearless when it comes to high curbs and potholes. What if you could combine both, though? That’s sort of what the folks in Ingolstadt intend to do with the Audi A3 “Cityhopper”.

According to Auto Express, Audi is working on a new A3 designed to be a combination of the two things. That name is just an internal code name, so there won’t actually be a car called the “Cityhopper”. However, the name just accurate depict the idea of such a car.

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Audi A3 Sportback

Instead of the A3 Allroad, which is what we thought Audi was developing, this “City-Hopping” A3 will be something a bit different. This upcoming Audi A3 instead is designed to be a taller, slightly more rugged version of the A3 Sportback, to make life easier navigating city streets. The idea is that it’s still a compact hatchback that is easy to park and maneuver but it also has a taller ride height to improve outward visibility. It will also get a longer-travel suspension to reduce the risk of scratching or scraping on curbs or steep driveways, while also making potholes a bit less scary.

Don’t expect it to be a rugged, active lifestyle vehicle, though. Whatever this Audi A3 ends up being called, it won’t have Quattro all-wheel drive. Instead, it will just be front-wheel drive, as it’s not intended for anything more than pavement and is only designed to make city life easier. Hence the “Cityhopper” name.

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The next-gen Audi A3 is set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, this city-hopping A3 is said to go on sale in 2022.

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