Audi A2 Could Make a Comback as an Electric Car

It’s quite obvious by now that Audi is looking to electrify most, if not all, of its current lineup. However, according to this new report from Autocar, the four-ringed brand might be looking to revive an old model specifically for electrification — the Audi A2.


Autocar recently spoke with Audi CEO Markus Duesmann who claimed that a potential electric Audi A2 could be on the way in the future. It seemed as if Duesmann was definitive about a new small EV but wasn’t sure about the details of such car; neither its body style nor name.



“Maybe not exactly with that design, but I like the A2. Certainly we discuss the A2 segment as well. So it might be an A2 or an ‘E2’, or an A3 or an ‘E3’. We’re at the moment discussing that.” when asked if Audi would ever recreate the classic supermini.


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If Audi does bring the A2 back, or whatever it would end up being called, it would be at the expense of the current A1. It seems as if the Audi A1 is doomed regardless of its potential replacement, though, as the brand is looking to start phasing out less popular internal combustion engine models, in favor of EVs.


“We have to cut back,” Duesmann told Autocar. “As we look at Q4 E-tron, we have a model where we have similar combustion-engine-powered models, and certainly we don’t want to have the same portfolio electrically.


“We make purpose-built electric cars because we can offer more functionality, so we will certainly cut back our combustion portfolio in the next 10 years. We have to and we will.”

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The idea of a new, all-electric Audi A2 is actually really exciting for us. The original A2 was a strange, quirky and surprisingly good little hatchback that was criminally underrated in its day. It’s starting to gain some appreciation now but fans never gave it the love that it deserved. The original Audi A2 was designed for maximum fuel efficiency, so bringing it back as an efficient EV would be rather poetic. So, if it were up to us, the project would already be green-lit.


[Source: Autocar]
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