Audi A1 rendered several different ways

After seeing the new Audi A1, we were pleasantly surprised with how good it looked. Rather than looking like every other Audi, just, ya know, smaller, the new A1 looks punchy and aggressive and we love it. It also looks great on the inside, packing one of the nicest, if not the nicest, interior in its segment. Though, there aren’t likely to be many model variants, with just the A1 and S1 currently in the plans. That hasn’t stopped designer X-Tomi from rendering up a bunch of different versions.

In these renders, there are six different versions of the Audi A1, all of which are completely different models that will almost certainly never be made. However, they all look fantastic.

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Audi A1 Van

There’s some funny stuff here, too. One of the renders if of an Audi A1 Van, which is basically just a slab-sided version with steel wheels. It’s hilarious but, dare I even say a bit fun looking? Another is the A1 Sedan but it doesn’t really look much different from the Audi A3 Sedan. X-Tomi even thought it would make some sense to render up an A1 Allroad, something that we wouldn’t put past Audi nowadays.

However, the best of them are the Audi RS1 Clubsport and the Audi A1 Avant. The RS1 Clubsport (top picture) is icey cool, looking like something that just got back from killing the competition in a Group B rally race. It’s stubby and angry and crazy looking, with some really cool wheels. But the Audi A1 Avant, as silly as that seems, looks really good too. It’s muscular at the rear end, with sharp lines and short overhangs. It’s just a great looking little car.

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Audi A1 Avant

Of all of these, we hope that Audi makes the Clubsport and Avant most. Though, don’t expect to see Audi make any of them.

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