Audi at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show – summarization

Audi has a strong presence in Las Vegas at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show where they have brought a series of products. First up, the A7 piloted driving concept is exhibited to provide a glimpse of what’s to come in terms of self-driving cars from Ingolstadt and paves the way for the 2016 A8 which has already been confirmed to boast an optional semi-autonomous system.

Audi is also displaying the latest development in terms of lighting, the matrix laser technology which represents an evolution of the matrix LED headlights implemented in the R8 LMX limited production car where the headlights have a range of more than 500 feet. Audi has also developed a new construction area lighting projecting two markedly bright light strips on the road to better show the vehicle’s width.

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The 12.3-inch customizable TFT display found in the new TT and Q7 is also being exhibited at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, along with new advancements in Audi connect services such as an Internet connection through LTE, mobile device connectivity via WLAN hotspot and an Online Media Streaming service which offers support for Napster and Aupeo! as well as for navigational map update.

Other highlights include the 48-volt onboard partial network previewing future vehicle electrics which will grant the deployment of higher performance electric components such as an electric compressor working as a supplementary turbocharger. In addition, it also previews a very strong generator that can recuperate a higher amount of kinetic energy.

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At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Audi also has on display the 3D audio systems and the tablet of the 2015 Q7 along with several cars: TT Roadster, RS7 Sportback, R8 LMX and Audi prologue piloted driving concept which was specifically built for this event.

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