SPIED: Audi e-tron S Caught Testing at the Nurburgring

Ever since the debut of the standard Audi e-tron, fans have been curious about a potentially faster model. Not even a year after its release, Audi revealed that a faster model would be coming — the Audi e-tron S. It was first revealed as a Sportback model, which we saw wearing some official camouflage, but there will be a standard e-tron S model as well and it’s just been caught doing some testing at the Nurburgring.


In this new spy video, we see the Audi e-tron S doing some laps at the ‘Ring and it seems surprisingly quick. The standard e-tron SUV is actually a bit slow for its power, thanks to its very heft curb weight. However, it seems that the e-tron S has enough power to overcome that weight penalty, as the test mule in this video really moves.

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Following the specs of the officially revealed Audi e-tron S Sportback, the e-tron S in this video will have three electric motors, with the additional one going to the back. The regular e-tron sports a big electric motor at the rear axle and a smaller one at the front. For ‘S’ duty, it gets the big one at the front and two smaller ones at the rear. This combines for 502 horsepower and 717 lb-ft of torque.


That additional rear motor at the back is actually more about handling and performance, rather than power or straight line speed. Having two motors at the rear axle, one driving each wheel, the Audi e-tron S can shift torque between the rear wheels exactly as needed, allowing it to corner better than the standard car. It seems to work, as well, as the car in this video hustles far better than a nearly 6,000 SUV should.

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Sure, there are whiffs of understeer but it seems to mitigate that with some rear-bias power and torque-vectoring. It’s a big, heavy SUV, the e-tron S but it seems to be a surprisingly agile machine for its size.


We’re actually very excited about a more performance-oriented e-tron model. So far, we’ve only seen relatively sensible electric cars from Audi. It’s time to get one that can put the power down.


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