Aud, BMW and Daimler partner with tech giants to form 5G Auto Association

The Big 3 Germans have put their differences aside once again to come together on a new technology investment. The first time this happened, the three Germans together acquired Nokia’s HERE digital mapping service. Now, Audi, BMW and Daimler are coming together once again, this time with some of the world’s biggest tech giants, to create what they are calling the “5G Automotive Association”. It’s like The Avengers, except with car and tech companies and somehow even nerdier.

Audi, BMW and Daimler will pair with such companies as Nokia, Intel, Qualcomm, Huawei and Ericsson to create this 5G association. The idea behind it is that they will all collaborate on bringing the next generation of high-speed wireless networking.

The idea is to bring 5G connectivity to not only cars but roads and infrastructure, allowing for future connections between the infrastructure and the automobile. The reasoning behind this is that in a future of automated cars, the cars must communicate with the world around them. That includes traffic lights, signs, bridges and any other sort of roadwork. This will increase safety as well as usability. It’s called ‘vehicle-to-everything’ communication and is massively important for the future of the automobile.

A HERE high-definition map image of a motorway in Michigan

According to Alfons Pfaller, Head of Infotainment Development, AUDI AG, “Connected cars will shape the future of individual mobility, and next generation mobile networks will take car?to?x connectivity to a new level. The key to success is in cross-industry collaboration. This is why we set up the 5G Automotive Association where experts from all relevant fields are teaming up.”

Sajjad Khan, Director Digital Vehicle & Mobility, Daimler AG continued with, “We expect 5G to become the worldwide dominating mobile communications standard of the next decade. For the automotive industry it is essential that 5G fulfills the challenges of the era of digitalization and autonomous driving. With the 5G Automotive Association we founded a cross-industry forum that allows us to shape the future 5G technology with leading ICT companies. As a co-founder of the 5G Automotive Association we would be excited to welcome further partners engaged in the automotive industry, the information and communication technologies or mobile network operators in the association.”

Nico DeMattia

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