APR-tuned Audi RS3 makes 459 hp, keeps warranty, costs less than $2K

If you’re an Audi or Volkswagen fan in America, you know of APR, the brand that makes some of the most popular Audi/VW tunes on the market. APR is also known for making tunes that can be installed at the dealer and that also come with a warranty. Those two things are very important to a lot of enthusiasts that want just a bit more power but don’t want the risk of costly damage. This new APR tune for the Audi RS3 bumps power up and keeps its original warranty, all for less than $2,000.

For $1,899.99, you get the APR Plus tune, which brings power up from 400 hp to 459 hp and torque up from 354 lb-ft to 451 lb-ft on 91-octane fuel. That’s not a huge amount of power but the torque figure is almost 100 lb-ft extra, so it absolutely will be felt on the road. Plus, it comes with a warranty that covers the powertrain and drivertrain for the remainder of the original warranty.

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Now, if you don’t care about warranties and aren’t scared of costly repairs, you can get the APR Stage 1 tune, which has the same power as the APR Plus tune but no warranty. The plus side is that it’s a lot cheaper, ringing it at just $999.99. An added benefit of the Stage 1 tune is that it can run on different octane fuels and make more power. For instance, if you can get 93-octane, it will make 476 hp and 470 lb-ft. If you want to go racing for realsies, you can get the E85-specific Stage 1 tune, which bumps power to 543 hp and 500 lb-ft. Though, that can only run on E85, so it’s only for hardcore users, unless you buy an additional $149 program switcher, which allows you to switch the tune for specific octane-fuels on the fly.

The Audi RS3 is already a brutally fast car, as we’ve learned numerous times. But if you want some extra power, APR seems like a good place to start.

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