Approximately 2 million engines with defeat device were made at Audi’s Gyor factory in Hungary

Of the 11 million cars equipped with defeat device, two million of them have an engine built by Audi at its Gyor factory in Hungary. The announcement was made yesterday by the country’s Economy Minister Mihaly Varga in an interview with private broadcaster TV2. He went on to specify the local authorities are currently having discussions not only with Audi, but also with Mercedes-Benz, which has a factory in the country as well, regarding the potential impact this huge scandal will have on the local economy.

Mihaly Varga estimates the Hungarian economy could lose around 0.3% to 0.6% of growth if car sales of the Volkswagen Group will decrease in Europe in the following period. He also said Hungary doesn’t want to instate a sales ban on Volkswagen cars “for the time being.”

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Audi’s Gyor plant is very important for the company as it made 1.97 million engines and 135,232 cars last year, making it a crucial supplier for the Volkswagen Group.

Daimler-owned Mercedes-Benz also has a factory in Hungary in Kecskemet where they make around 150,000 cars each year and the company has already announced they haven’t fitted their cars with defeat devices.

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