Apple CarPlay coming to Audi starting 2015

Audi has announced plans to offer Apple CarPlay integration in all-new models starting 2015 in Europe and 2016 in United States. The system is going to work with Audi’s built-in controls and we include here the MMI touch system along with the dial controls and the voice controls to activate Siri. Thanks to this, Audi owners will benefit from several ways of lowering distractions while driving as they will enjoy a much easier access of their iPhone to make calls, send & receive messages, listen to music and use Maps.

On an Audi car fitted with Apple CarPlay, drivers will connect their iPhone and then use the smartphone’s apps via the vehicle’s native controls. In addition, drivers will also have the possibility of switching from CarPlay to the Audi functions whenever they want to.

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Audi of America president Scott Keogh declared that “Audi owners have high expectations when it comes to integrating access to mobile devices in vehicle” and that “CarPlay is immediately recognizable to iPhone users and will be a great added benefit for our customers.”

This announcement regarding Apple CarPlay comes only after a few days when Audi said Android Auto will be offered in the company’s all-new models set to arrive next year.

Adrian Padeanu

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