America-bound Audi RS6 Avant rendered as a pickup truck?

As far as fast, practical family vehicles go, the Audi RS6 Avant is about as good as it gets. It has the power and performance of a supercar, the comfort and tech of a luxury car and near SUV-like practicality. It’s almost impossible to beat, with only really the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate for competition. But what if it Audi made a pickup truck version?

While such a car will never be made, it’s fun to play with the idea, which is exactly what render artist X-Tomi did in this new rendering. Essentially, it’s a two-door Audi RS6 with a pickup truck bed, rather than a hatchback and five seats. So it trades family practicality for workman-like utility. Does that make any sense? No but that’s exactly why it’s fun.

Actually, an Audi RS6 pickup truck might be popular in Australia, as that’s a market with a strong love for fast pickups made from sedans. These sorts of cars are called Utes down there and they’re actually quite popular, with brands like Ford and Holden selling quite few. Like the Audi RS6, those Ford and Holden Utes also have big V8s under hood, with big power and shocking performance.

Would a few sales in the Australian market warrant Audi making such a thing? Of course not but it’s fun to imagine something like that. Honestly, we’re just thrilled the new Audi RS6 Avant is making it to the ‘States so we’re not gonna push it and ask the Germans to make yet another variant. With the RS6 Avant and the RS7 Sportback, we have enough awesome new cars in the pipeline.

It still doesn’t hurt to imagine what a cargo-hauling, 591 horsepower Audi RS6 pickup truck would be like, though. Imagine that at a job site, hauling tools and supplies?

[Source: X-Tomi]
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