According to study, Audi dealerships are best, Tesla dealerships are worst

Having actors pretend to be interested in cars, so as to grade car dealerships, is nothing new. However, companies that do such things typically grade dealerships on a wide variety of things, such as the cleanliness of the bathrooms or the beverage services provided. However, Pied Piper Management recently completed a study, called the 2018 Prospect Satisfaction Index U.S. Auto Industry Benchmarking Study (because, apparently, they couldn’t think of a longer name), on car dealerships in America and the conclusion was that, overall, Audi dealerships were the best and Tesla dealers (I’m sorry, “Galleries”) were the worst.

According to the study, Audi dealerships were most likely to have helpful salespeople that genuinely cared about the customer’s needs, rather than just shoving product and sales pitches down their throat. For instance, salespeople were more likely to ask a customer what their intention for the vehicle was, how they would drive it and what their needs were. Audi salespeople were also more likely to give walkaround demonstrations and actually compare specific Audi technologies and features with rival competitors’.

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Pied Piper also claimed that salespeople from Audi dealerships were more likely to provide customers with visual aides, like video demonstrations or even cutaway car models, to actually show customers how certain mechanical components or technologies work. Pied Piper even takes into consideration how many salespeople would walk away to speak with the infamous, and entirely fictitious, manager, when negotiating price, which literally everyone on Earth hates. Apparently, Audi salespeople make price negotiation more pleasant for customers than any other dealer.

This is good to hear for fans of the brand. If you’re looking to buy a new Audi, you know that you won’t be hassled in a dealership, or are at least less likely to be. Plus, Audi has a bit of an issue with its image at the moment, thanks to the diesel scandal that seemingly continues to find new ways to pop back up. So knowing that Audi dealerships are some of the most friendly, most helpful and most enjoyable in the country is refreshing.

Nico DeMattia

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