ABT Sportsline releases teaser sketch of upcoming Audi RS6 Avant project

One of the reasons why most car enthusiasts love the new Audi RS6 Avant so much is the way it looks. Not only does it have damn-near 600 hp and family-car practicality but it also looks incredible. It’s aggressive and brutish in all right ways. And yet, it can become even more aggressive still, both in terms of its looks and its performance, as ABT Sportsline has so kindly informed us all.


ABT has just teased its upcoming Audi RS6 Avant project with a teaser sketch of their latest work. In these two sketch photos, we see ABT’s vision for the RS6 Avant and it looks even more aggressive, even angrier than the car we already know and love. Not only that but it somehow looks even better than the standard car, something we didn’t think possible.


At the front end, we see a much more aggressive lower bumper, with quite a bit of added aero. So it gets a new front lip spoiler, with two hangers at either side of the grille, and some additional scoops at the either side of the bumper. So not only does it looks sportier but it’s also visually lower. ABT also seems to have added some new side mirrors, which sportier than the standard car’s.


Out back, it isn’t too much different than the stock car but it does look better. It gets a massive rear diffuser, which might actually add some aero, and some little little scoops at either side of the rear bumper.


ABT hasn’t released any information on power, performance or any kind of handling upgrades. However, knowing ABT, we can expect a comprehensive list of performance and handling upgrades for their Audi RS6 Avant, dubbed ‘Power Avant’. Also knowing ABT, it should be absolutely awesome.

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