ABT Sportsline Audi SQ2 is slightly Faster and Angrier

The Audi SQ2 is an interesting car because, in theory, it’s a fantastic dual-purpose car. In practice, though, it’s just a slightly warmer Q2. While we were hoping the SQ2 would be a fire-spitting performance version of the handsome-but-boring Q2, it isn’t that. Instead, it’s just a sportier looking, faster version of the regular car. However, if you have an Audi SQ2 and you want it to have more bite, you can always turn to ABT Sportsline.

Adding some power to the Audi SQ2, ABT Sportsline can give it an ECU tune that will bump power up to 350 hp and 324 lb-ft of torque. That’s good enough to drop its 0-60 mph time two tenths of a second, from 4.8 seconds to 4.6. That’s still not super fast but, as ABT likes to point out, it’s about as fast as a Porsche Boxster S. It also gets new 20-inch wheels, which add quite a bit of style, along with wheel spacers to add some visual width and should help lateral grip as well, thanks to the wider stance they bring. Though, the suspension height seems the same, so it will still be comfortable in the city.

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Rounding out the package is the visual all-black-everything kit, which blacks out the grille surround, mirrors and all of the trim. With the black accents and 20-inch black wheels, the Audi SQ2 looks a lot angrier than the standard car. There are some complaints about the SQ2 looking too similar to the regular Q2. That won’t be an issue after ABT Sportsline gets their hands on it.

So if you have an Audi SQ2, a little bit of tuning can go a long way to making your car more exciting and more special feeling. Considering that the SQ2’s job is to be a dual-purpose, everyday driving, that can make a world of a difference in your daily life.

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