ABT offers incredible tuning program for Audi RS3

We’re already big fans of the Audi RS3. With it’s near perfect blend of incredible performance along with good practicality and everyday usability. It also looks, goes and sounds amazing. It’s just a fantastic overall package and has one of the best engines on the market right now, its 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-five cylinder engine, which can be both manic and fast as well as smooth and quiet. It’s hard to find food for improvement for the RS3. But that didn’t stop Bavarian tuning company, ABT, from trying.

Audi RS3 by ABT

ABT offers its ABT Power “New Generation” ECU module for the Audi RS3 that takes everything great about the RS3 and cranks it up to eleven. The problem with many ECU tuning modules is that they tend to change the character of the engine and the car, by not providing the proper power delivery and torque curve that the original automaker was able to. This can ruin a car. But ABT hasn’t done that at all. In fact, they’ve been able to keep the same torque curve and power deliver of the standard RS3, just add more power across the entire powerband. So if feels the same, only faster. Much faster.

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The standard Audi RS3 has 367 hp, 336 lb-ft of torque and was able to get from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds. Those are not numbers to roll your eyes at. But with ABT ECU upgrade boosts it to have 430 hp, 391 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds. But it isn’t just 0-60 mph times that prove how much faster this car is. It’s got gobs of power all over the place, at any rpm in any gear. But it’s still able to be a regular RS3 and mooch about town comfortably and quietly if necessary.

Audi RS3 Sportback by ABT Sportsline

But if you think that ABT just gives you a fancy tuning module and leaves the rest alone, you’re wrong. ABT also offers lower and stiffer springs, that lower the ride height by 1.2 inches in the front and 1 inch in the rear and ABT even changes the suspension geometry slightly to accommodate the lower ride height. So this isn’t some backyard spring cutting job, it’s serious engineering. There are also two different kinds of wheels available, the forged ER-F and the alloy ER-C, both of which are available in Gunmetal, Silverbullet or Black Magic finishes.

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ABT will do all of this and then warranty it for 100,000 km, in case anything breaks due to the tuning modifications. And the best part about ABT’s tuning module is that you can always just disconnect it (having a dealer do this is recommended) and the car is back to stop specifications instantly with no damage. We already love the Audi RS3, but this sounds like it could be even better.

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