ABT Carbon Visual Upgrades Available Directly At Audi USA Dealers

In recent years, ABT has sort of become the de facto tuner for all things Audi, modifying everything from the tiny A1, developing a hybrid RS6-E Avant with around 1,000 horsepower, and tweaking the mighty S8. The German aftermarket specialist offers not only engine upgrades and body kits, but also wheels, custom suspensions, and basically everything else you can think of.

It has now inked a deal with Audi USA to sell some of its bits and pieces directly through the automaker’s dealer network in North America. Specifically, ABT carbon upgrades can now be ordered for select models straight from your local Audi USA dealer. For the time being, owners of a 2020 Q5 or SQ5 can spice up the hot crossover’s interior with a carbon fiber shift knob available for $400.

A similar upgrade can be had for a wide variety of other models, starting off with the A4 (2017-2020), A4 Allroad (2020), A5 (2018-2020), A5 Sportback (2020), Q5 (2018, 2019), Q7 (2017-2020), S4 (2018-2020), S5 (2018-2020), SQ5 (2018, 2019), and the SQ7 (2020). It’s made from real carbon fiber combined with leather, with a carbon-only version priced the same available for the 2020 A6, A6 Allroad, S6, A7 Sportback, S7 Sportback, A8, S8, and Q8 models.

Speaking of the A8, both the regular version and its hot S sibling can be had with another ABT carbon upgrade – a rear spoiler. It’ll set you back a cool $1,400 and is glued to the car’s trunk lid using “extremely strong adhesive.” The tuner mentions it’s made from authentic hand-laid carbon fiber and does not involve any changes to the sedan’s bodywork whatsoever.

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Should you happen to have a 2018/2019 RS5 or a 2019 RS5 Sportback, the ABT carbon dash panel is a pricey $1,045 upgrade to lend the vehicle’s interior a sportier vibe from the moment you open the driver’s door.

All of these ABT carbon goodies are backed by a two-year or 50,000-mile warranty, whichever comes up first.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.