The ABT Audi RS3 Sportback is a 500 hp super hatchback

I doubt there’s any car enthusiast on Earth that’s driven the new Audi RS3 and thought, “Ya know what, it’s a good car but it’s a bit too slow.” With 400 hp from its 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine, the new RS3 is capable of 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. That’s Ferrari speed from less than a decade ago. So it’s a properly quick hot hatchback. However, the people at ABT Sportsline decided that it had even more potential, the potential to upgrade from a hot hatchback to a super hatchback. So the ABT Audi RS3 has been born.

When equipped with the ABT Power R package, the Audi RS3 develops 500 hp, an increase of a smooth 100 hp, without compromising on engine wear or fuel economy. We don’t know how much faster the ABT Audi RS3 is than the standard car but it should have a significant performance advantage. But if you thought that ABT would just bump the power up and stop there, you’d be wrong.

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The ABT Audi RS3 has been lowered on ABT springs and it’s been given a custom set of adjustable dampers, developed by both ABT Sportsline and KW. We’ve used KW suspensions before and think they’re brilliant, so the fact that ABT worked with KW is music to our ears. It also gets a choice of either 19 or 20-inch wheels, to house the 380 mm (14-inch) rotors. There’s also a new ABT Exhaust system that brings a new sound.

With all of that comes a new look as well, making the RS3 look much more aggressive. It gets a black lower front lip, black rear diffuser and matte black 102 mm exhaust tips. So it looks the part of a serious super hatchback.

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We never really thought that the Audi RS3 needed more performance but it seems as if ABT Sportsline has given it just that.

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