A4 Allroad: High Res Gallery

As we’ve mentioned before, the 2010 Audi A4 Allroad is nearing production after it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Well, to hold people over until it’s release later this year, Audi has launched a salvo of high res photos showing off the Allroad in action from crushing a desert to offroading in deep mud to taking the kids to school.

The Allroad, based off of the current A4’s B8 modular longitudinal platform, should prove to be a highly capable machine with it’s 1.8TFSi, 2.0T FSi and 3.2FSi engines coupled with the same displacement diesel engines in European and worldwide – and the speculation is right now that the US just may get the gasoline(ahem petrol) versions of the Allroad. 09cmg522817855as

Europe can expect to see this vehicle on sale this fall starting at 37,100 Euros with similar equipment and packages to that of the A4. Now, enjoy the gallery after the jump!