A4 3.2 – we hardly knew thee, Autoblog says goodbye

As we’ve recently reported, Audi has decided to discontinue the 3.2L FSi V6 with its 265HP in North America. This comes as quite a surprise to some as a V6 model has been integral to the A4 line-up since the inception of the A4 in the U.S. market back in 1996.

The B8 V6 model was one of the best of ’em to be had too. With features like a back-up camera, Audi’s patented Driver Select and an longer chassis, the 3.2L the A4 V6 had a lot to offer in terms of performance and luxury. However, as Audi begins a serious reshuffle of the line-up in North America. This powerful, luxurious was designed to be the flagship of the A4 range while the world waited for the now imminent debut of the S4 and the upcoming release of the range-topping RS4. However, the 3.2L stands against stiff competition in terms of performance with Lexus and BMW both providing 300HP  engines and many reviews claiming that the 2.0T A4 is a better bang for the buck. Sales figures reported the same and as a result, with a heavy heart, the U.S. now says goodbye to the 3.2L V6, a car in this market for only a short time.


With this send off, Autoblog has provided a farewell review of the 3.2 as it goes the way of the do-do. And what a review it is, as Autoblog labeled the 3.2 a car that was too good for its own in terms of best all-round package of power, luxury and technology not found in comparable models.  Hit this link to see what Autoblog says on behalf of the 3.2 on its swan song.

(Source: Autoblog)