4RingBlog spies Mercedes E350 Coupe on U.S. turf

We’re an Audi blog, so this is a little off the beaten path for us. However, in the spirit of both German car fans and car fans in general, as we spotted a new, yet-to-be-released model, even of the competition, we decided to post it for everyone to see. We found the 2010 Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe taking a breather at the local Southside Ale House here in Jacksonville, Florida.  It is expected that the E Class Coupe will go head to head with the A5/S5 in the battle for big German coupes and, in person, the E Class Coupe is certainly a handsome car. However, as handsome as the A5? You tell us, would you take an S5 over the new E Class Coupe?


You can expect the 2010 E Class Coupe to debut with an engine line-up similar to the outgoing CLK with a V6 and V8 option( we snapped pics of the 3.5L V6 car) while being driven by a seven-speed automatic transmission. Europe and other markets will be able to pick up diesel variants of the E Class Coupe – which are sure to be popular like the A5 3.0TDi is for Audi in the European market.  Though not yet confirmed, Mercedes will likely load up this new big coupe with the typical volcano-powered AMG-tuned V8 for those who don’t feel like they burn through tires fast enough as it is.  Currently, pricing on the E Class Coupe is expected come in just shy of the $50,000 mark, placing it directly in A5/S5 territory.


We’re excited to see what the reviews of this new Merc reveal and how this model stacks up against the A5/S5 in terms of driving dynamics as Mercedes is making a bigger push to keep up with Audi and BMW in terms of driving dynamics.  Hit the jump below for more pictures of the spied car as well as our take upon first seeing the car.


(more inside)

“Spotted this tonight, it’s the new 2010 Merc E350 Coupe. I spotted it here

in Jacksonville, FL at the Southside Ale House after grabbing a beer with
friends. I didn’t realize it was the coupe at first until I walked by it on
the way to my car. It had California distributor tags on it so it may be a
test vehicle – Jacksonville’s docks are also a big location for car
companies importing into the U.S., Mercedes has a large distribution center
at the dock and another a few miles from my place.

This car is much bigger than the photos show, it carries a very heavy,
teutonic presence and looks to be further upmarket( a true 6 Series
competitor) compared to the outgoing CLK. The interior looked very nice,
plush and substantial, typical Benz. Whatever the wheels were
(18 or 19 inch) they filled the arches well and overall, the car is very
handsome from the front and sides while the rear, especially the tail lamps,
look like an after thought and appear somewhat tacked on.”