24 Hours of Nurburgring Update #4

Day break and getting on towards the closing hours of the race and we find R8 #97 up into second place behind a Manthey Porsche GT3 which the Audis have been dueling with since the start of the race.

Audi #98 slipped back to 12th position after an unscheduled stop to replace a servo pump, however, as we last saw them, this only cost two positions from 10th. In the meantime, R8 #99 slipped to 6th place but it is anticipated that the Audi will climb back up the ranks to retake the lead by the end of the race as most of the Porsches and Audis in the top 5 spots are all still on the same lap.


Audi #100 is hovering in 27th position – still not bad considering they lost at least 30 minutes early on in the race due to an impact and related problems with electronics. Also, the little Audi A3 has closed a position and is now running 22nd place.